Friday, August 17, 2012

Cars, Jets and Fashion- oh my!

Earlier this week Karen went to the McCall Motorworks Revival and it would be an understatement to say she had a fantastic time taking in the sights!

First stop: Corkscrew in Carmel Valley

Corkscrew tree

In from of the Bernardus Lodge, Karen in an IRO dress, currently available at LIV

Four seater Ferrari

Donna Garrison and Andrew Greenwell of Keller Williams

Heidi striking a pose

The Mercedes Benz rep!

Karen and Chris Giordano enjoying the wine :)

Chris with a Shearwater Air Rep

Red Red Red
Rolls Royce

Chris Giordano- Giordano Wealth Management

She's wearing last years ALC leather dress looking fabulous!

Karen is wearing this ALC Fall 2012 Mika Leather dress

Chris, Craig Phillips and Sal Rubino

Chris with Brian Neel from Tiffany & Co.

Holy Heels Batman! Loving those pops of orange

Karen with Brian Neel

Karen with David Hamilton from Shearwater Air

Diggin that green leather jacket!

Karen with Charles Ward from Idea Works

David Hamilton


Karen's ready to drive off into the night!

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